Starfish Swimming
“Saving lives one at a time”

The Starfish Swimming program (a method of the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI)). consists of courses with age-appropriate activities aimed at developing core water safety and swimming skills. Students first learn functional self-reliance skills and then learn proper swimming stroke technique by building on what they already know.

A safe and fun swimming lesson is given with Starfish Swimming in small groups (of maximum 8 participants). These are taught by a certified instructor who must take a renewal course every year to maintain his or her license to teach swimming at Starfish Aquatics Institute.

Children are ready for their swimming diploma after an average of 64 hours of swimming lessons. Every child is different and learns at his or her own speed, good communication with the parent about the child's progress is therefore very important.


A benchmark is a specific skill that, when performed, shows that the learner has achieved the core competence for that phase. The competence and criteria approach is similar to earning ties in martial arts. Having only a few criteria allows both the instructor and the student to focus on the goal. The outcome is targeted education that produces results.


The curriculum for each course is built around the concept that there are some essential core skills (competencies) that each person must be able to in order to be competent enough in the water. Within the Starfish Swimming curriculum, the core skills are given a color, they represent a learning phase in which the development of a skill has been worked on.


The competencies of each course remain the same regardless of the age of the student. For example, regardless of age, a student must first acquire “Trust and submerge" before he can learn other skills.

Areas of Interest

  • Trust and submerge
  • Body positions and breathing
  • Movement and change of direction
  • Roll over
  • Integrated movements
  • Swimming techniques

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