A clear and well-arranged lesson plan has been drawn up for all lessons. It describes which exercises can be given per lesson and how this is done. It is indicated whether the exercise should be performed with or without a jacket and whether this is done with all children together at the same time, or in 2 groups. When working in 2 groups it is also indicated with which control cards the group of children who swim independently can practise. You will also find indications for My Swimming Record in the lesson plans. These indicate when the children can achieve which skills (benchmarks) so that this can be quickly entered at My Swimming Record after the lesson. You can also see in the lessonplans what amount of floatations is desired in the Konfidence jackets at that time.

  • Supplied on forex cards for use in the pool.
  • Handy time indication..
  • Student tracking indicator pointer.
  • Immediately insight into which ammount of floatations are desirable..

Control cards

The control cards used at Starfish Swimming are unique and developed in-house. The control cards show exercises and swimming strokes. They can be used to visually show which swimming stroke you are going to learn and to practice independently for the children. There are numbers on the back of the control cards. This makes it easy to find the right control card quickly.

Viewing lessons

Every last lesson of a class period (8 hours) is the viewing class. During this lesson, parents are invited to come and watch the last 15 minutes of the lesson next to the pool. The children are instructed by the swimming teacher to show what they have learned during the last period. The swimming teacher also explains this to the parents and tells the parents what the points for attention will be in the coming period. This is also a moment when personal contact is possible between the swimming teacher and parents. For the parents there is the opportunity to ask questions and post any comments. The lesson plans also include plans of all the viewing lessons. Viewing lessons are important because swimming teachers often have little or no time and opportunities for personal contact with parents / caretakers of the children who follow their swimming lessons. In this way, this contact is regular.