Starfish Aquatics Institute

How quality at Starfish Swimming is guaranteed.


All swimming teachers who are going to give Starfish Swimming lessons receive training for this. Every year, all swimming teachers undergo a renewal training to refresh their knowledge and skills and to be able to share any changes and innovations with each other.

Starfish Aquatics Institute

Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) is an internationally recognized water safety training and certification agency in the United States with programs operating on every continent. As a global leader in swimming instruction, SAI represents the United States in the International Federation of Swimming Societies (IFSTA), based in Great Britain. SAI President and CEO, Leslie Donavan, currently serves as IFSTA's Vice President.

Jill White, co-founder of SAI, along with husband Robbin White, serves on the board of directors of the World Waterpark Association (WWA) and is a member of the WWA Hall of Fame. She has published more than 17 publications and books, served on the Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code, on the Writing Committee for the CDC Model Aquatic Health Code, as Chair of the American National Standards Institute Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP ). Both she and Ms. Donavan are members of the YMCA Expert Advisory Board.

SAI collaborates on drowning prevention and standards development initiatives, SAI representatives regularly speak at international conferences including the World Conferences on Drowning Prevention in Canada, Vietnam, Germany, South Korea, and Malaysia, as well as the World Waterpark Association Middle East Symposium in Dubai.

SAI's swimming curriculum is used worldwide. SAI efforts have been recognized by Aquatics International. SAI representatives including Jill White, Leslie Donavan, Lake White have all been recognized in the Aquatics Power People edition.

Jill White
Leslie Donavan
Lake White

Internal and external Audits

An annual external audit is carried out to guarantee quality. The professionals of RHM Aquatics who are also Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer will visit you on location. They will discuss the audit with the Site Director and support him in conducting the internal audits, which will be handled during the training. The annual audit is not a control moment. Working together for better quality is the device of every visit.