Preparation phase

  • Intake: Inform all parties involved about the method and the approach of the transition to the new method.
  • Planning: Planning the transition and starting the operational situation.
  • Transition period Explaining and determining how we are going to arrange this period.

Implementation phase

  • Online environment: Setting up your My Swimming Record environment.
  • transition period: elaborate the established transitional period.
  • Working arrangements: Review and discuss our documents
  • Training: Your staff will follow the necessary training.
  • Communication: Clear communication to your customers.
  • Canceling excisting contracts: Checking contracts and / or agreements with current supplier

Aftercare phase

  • Extra training: we provide extra training if needed.
  • Questions: We are abvailable for you and are happy to help you.
  • Check: Are all forms and documents ready?

Operational phase

  • Audits: once a year, higher frequency to support you at the start
  • Delivery of materialsWWe deliver the necessary materials every first week of the month..
  • Innovations: Information and training about innovations within Starfish Swimming..
  • Questions: We remain available for you, by telephone, by email and where necessary we will visit you.